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Speaker and Performers 2013

Ashley Broadway, Keynote Speaker

Ashley Broadway and Lt Colonel Heather Mack

Ashley Broadway is the proud Army Wife of Lt. Colonel Heather Mack, stationed at Fort Bragg. Ashley and Heather have been together over 15 years and recently tied the knot in November of 2012. The couple has two children: Carson who is 3 years old and Carley who is almost 4 months. Before Ashley chose to stay home to care for her children, she was an educator for 13 years specializing in ESL, Reading Intervention, and Dyslexia where she was awarded Campus Teacher of the Year multiple times and was awarded District Teacher of the Year while teaching in El Paso, TX.

Ashley gained national attention in December when she was denied membership to the Association of Bragg Officers’ Spouses Club because she did not have a Military I.D. The reason Ms. Broadway didn’t have an ID was because the pentagon, at the time, did not issue to same sex partners and spouses. However, through her efforts and the efforts of American Military Partner Association and other allies, pressure was put on the Pentagon and ID’s will be issued no later than October 1 to all same sex spouses and partners in addition to multiple other benefits. In January 2013, Ashley was voted Military Spouse of the Year for Fort Bragg. She currently serves as the Director of Family Affairs for the American Military Partner Association.

A Tin Djinn

A Tin Djinn

Step right up, ladies and gentleman … dissenters of distilled pop and orphans of the hipster revolution. Experience the phantasmagoric stylings and incomparable force of awe that is A Tin Djinn. Rising from the ashes of former stalwart Nashville outfit, ‘Milkshake?’ comes this rather undefinable pair. Lead by formidable archetype, majestic visionary, enforcer of paisley, ambassador of embroidery, and masterful instructor in the art of the muse, on guitar & vocals Eliot Wilcox! But he’s not alone folks, he has with him a new face. On drums & vocals, the diabolical boom boom crooner, sarcastic, slap stick, black lipstick mother bitch with a “bag” full of tricks…. Steve Tucci (aka Tooch)! … A Tin Djinn has set out to breathe a breeze of the bazaar into the local music scene of Raleigh. Lock up your children and hide the chiffon. A Tin Djinn is coming to a theatre near yooz!

A Tin Djinn website

Someone’s Sister

Someone's Sister

Curve Magazine says, “Georgia Winfree and Katherine Jones, the singer-songwriters who make up Someones Sister, draw many comparisons (like k.d. lang and Patsy Cline) but trust us: These wailing chicks proved on their recent debut, Hand Me Downs, that theyre in a class of their own.” Someone’s Sister has gained much attention since the release of their debut CD with their music having been referred to by one NPR radio host as “a cold glass of sweet tea after a hard day”. Their rare blend of rich harmonies, vocal expression and positive message has taken them from their home in NC to their interview with NPR’s “All Things Considered” and to the stages of “Eddie’s Attic” in Atlanta, many college campus, music festivals, and the stage of New York’s “The Bitter End.” With music that crosses barriers and challenges their listeners to think, the sisters use their music to “break the silence and stop the violence” of child abuse. Since their first CD release in 2004, supporters of their music and message anxiously awaited the release their second CD, “Calm in the Chaos,” which delves even deeper into life’s raw experiences, exposing the heart and soul of Someone’s Sister.

Someone’s Sister website

Triangle Gay Men’s Chorus

Triangle Gay Men's Chorus

The Triangle Gay Men’s Chorus provides a venue for gay and gay-affirming individuals to develop their interests and display their musical talents in a professional manner. The goals are to strengthen the spirit and open presence of the gay community and to offer the public-at-large a positive image of this community.

Triangle Gay Men’s Chorus website

Mary Selvidge

Mary SelvidgeOne of the kindest artists that we know, Mary Selvidge is a singer/songwriter who performs country, rock and alternative. She’d give you the shirt off of her back if you needed it. To say she’s talented would be an understatement; Mary Selvidge is one of the best kept secrets in North Carolina!

Mary Selvidge website

Army of Dog

Army of Dog

Army of Dog has been together since 2012, bringing aggressive melancholic stoner rock to the Triangle and surrounding area. Comparable to the driving pop rock of The Killers, the adrift roughness of Queens of the Stone Age or the bluesy edge Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. The band is made up of local scene regulars, with former members of Left Outlet, Scarlet Virginia and Johnny Handlebars. They’re currently working on their first full length record with Grammy nominated producer John Custer of Corrosion of Conformity and DAG fame, and will be featuring the songs from the record at their upcoming shows.

Army of Dog website

Justin Robinson & The Mary Annettes

Justin Robinson and the Mary AnnettesJustin Robinson, Grammy winner and former member of the Carolina Chocolate Drops, heads a collective of multi-instrumentalists who bring to the stage the magical intersection of their varied musical backgrounds. The Mary Annettes are comprised of local NC musicians Elizabeth Marshall, Sally Mullikin, and Josh Stohl. Justin’s vivid stories are delivered atop a rotating arsenal of instruments including autoharp, tres, viola, banjo, violin, fiddle, cello, bass, keys, and drums. The band lists among their influences JS Bach, Erykah Badu, English nursery rhymes, moonlight on a frozen swamp, Loretta Lynn, ossified remains of mammals, palindromes, and rhinestones.

Justin Robinson & The Mary Annettes website

Kristy Lee

Kristy LeeThat mighty rumble you hear coming out of Alabama is none other than Kristy Lee. Her voice like thunder, rolling in before a sweet southern rain, instantly washes the world away. Kristy Lee’s unique rhythms are absolutely nourishing, clean, pure, and unapologetic. This woman means it when she takes her voice out to play!

By the time Kristy Lee reached 18, she landed her first album nationwide, to be sold exclusively with Target Stores across the states. Kristy Lee’s first album gave her an early jump on, what is now, a career. This Alabama girl can pack a house in any state. Tough luck sticking her in a category, because when it comes to writing songs, she has no limits!

Kristy Lee website

I Was Totally Destroying It

I Was Totally Destroying ItFate has served I Was Totally Destroying It well. The members of the 5-piece power-pop band from Chapel Hill, NC found each other searching for a new creative outlet as all their previous bands were imploding at precisely the same moment. Determined to try something different, these veterans of North Carolina indie rock acts like Sorry About Dresden and Strunken White embraced their love of 70’s icons such as Tom Petty and Elvis Costello, 80’s new wave artists such as The Cure and Kate Bush, and 90’s stalwarts like Superchunk and That Dog - and founded the hook-heavy IWTDI Rock Machine. Dueling lead vocalists and songwriters Rachel Hirsh and John Booker harmonize lyrics that belie the sweet, sunny suggestions of their upbeat melodies, inviting you to listen in on their conversations about self-loathing, fear, and intimacy. Backed by a powerful rhythm section (drummer James Hepler and bassist Joe Mazzitelli), and the soaring lead guitars of Curtis Armstead, I Was Totally Destroying It have yet to slow down in the nearly 5 years since the band’s inception.

I Was Totally Destroying It website