Out! Raleigh Pride 2020 Committee

Out Raleigh Pride Committee 2020

Pictured left to right: Roxanne Lundy, Nathaniel Bush, Shoshanna Carroll, Natalie Watson, Anna Lineback, Amy Cox, Lindsey Lughes, Kori Hennessey, Jim Manchester, Patrick Williams, Joshua Lamm, John Hull, and Trey Roberts.
Photo by Roxanne Lundy.

Kori Hennessey

Kori Hennessey
Festival Director
LGBT Center of Raleigh Director of Education & Programs

From Kori...

Kori tells us, “Growing up in an area with no resources, no visibility, and no way to explore my identities, Out! Raleigh Pride has given me that sense of community I didn’t have as a kid. This will be my fourth time being a part of this festival, and every year I am in awe seeing the love from all attending.

“Through all of the struggles the community faces, Out! Raleigh Pride has been a time for folks to come together and truly celebrate. Inclusion is the theme this year which I think we need more than ever. #PrideIncluded brings together not only inclusion, but also diversity, accessibility, and fun for all. Come find me on August 9th!”

Pronouns: They/Them/Their
Email: Kori@lgbtCenterOfRaleigh.com

Amy Cox

Amy Cox
Festival Manager
Deep South Entertainment

About Amy...

Amy Cox is the Senior Vice President at Deep South Entertainment and has assisted with the planning, production, and implementation of Out! Raleigh since the inaugural festival in 2011.

Having been with Deep South for more than 20 years, Amy has taken on multiple roles within the company. In 2005, she started taking the lead on running events and festivals for the company. When a collective of volunteers/leaders from The LGBT Center of Raleigh approached Dave Rose & Amy Cox in 2010 about doing the Out! Raleigh festival, Deep South was 100% on board and ready to support the efforts.

As an ally in the community, Amy has thoroughly enjoyed producing this very inclusive festival that is for everyone. In 2016, Deep South Entertainment was honored at The LGBT Center Gala as the Organization of the Year. Upon receiving the award Amy said, “This community brings so much more to me than I to it. Thank you!”

As we work toward creating Out! Raleigh Pride in 2020, Amy intends to do all that she can to drive home the festival theme with #PrideIncluded and create the best festival to date!

Pronouns: She/Her
Email: Amy@DeepSouthEntertainment.com

Lindsey Lughes

Lindsey Lughes
LGBT Center of Raleigh Executive Director

From Lindsey...

Lindsey remembers, “Growing up in Raleigh, I could only dream of seeing tens of thousands of LGBTQ+ people and our allies gathering on Fayetteville Street to celebrate with PRIDE! I am so excited ten years ago that became a reality, and now I get to share in the planning of this special event!

“Out! Raleigh Pride means so much to me because as a mom of three young children, I love that they are able to gather at an all-ages event and see people from so many of our communities come together in love and celebration.

“The theme this year is ‘inclusion’ and that couldn’t be more appropriate as we partner with the Raleigh Pride team and the gifts and talents they bring, as we define what it means to be an actively anti-racist LGBT Center and Pride celebration, and as we design a thorough accessibility plan to reduce barriers to participation. I can’t wait to see you all on August 9th! #PrideIncluded”

Pronouns: She/Her
Email: LLughes@lgbtCenterOfRaleigh.com

Joshua Lamm

Joshua Lamm
Raleigh Pride Co-Founder

From Joshua...

Joshua tells us, “Being a part of Out! Raleigh Pride and Raleigh Pride gives me the ability to make visible and accessible the celebration of my personal identity as a sober queer person as well as those of others so we can all meet and enjoy a safe and inclusive time of being queer people Out! in the open!

“There are many opportunities to celebrate our relationships with allies and community members in the coming weeks, but it’s the Out! Raleigh Pride festival that is a don’t-miss. We have designed it to be accessible to and inclusive of everyone in our LGBTQ+ community through educational, awareness-driven, and entertainment opportunities.

“It’s also the kickoff for all of Raleigh Pride’s programming in June 2020, so come experience and participate in how vibrant and alive this community is. Let’s celebrate each other with #PrideIncluded!”

Pronouns: He/Him

Natalie Watson

Natalie Watson
Vendor Relations
LGBT Center of Raleigh Operations Manager

From Natalie...

Natalie says, “Out! Raleigh Pride is important to me because it shows the Triangle and beyond we are city full of LGBTQ people and allies who accept and celebrate each other’s lives. It is a day when businesses, organizations, and community members can come together to have fun, share space, and kick off a great start to Pride month!”

Pronouns: They/Them
Email: NWatson@lgbtCenterOfRaleigh.com

Shoshanna Carroll

Shoshanna Carroll
Festival Publicity
LGBT Center of Raleigh Director of Communications and Advancement

From Shoshanna...

Shoshanna tells us, “Out Raleigh! Pride 2020 is going to be a landmark event for our community and the Triangle! After years of working in marketing, and events I am excited to apply my talents toward creating an inclusive party that makes lifelong memories.

“This year’s event will be more than a street festival. It will be a launch party! Seeing what the LGBT Center of Raleigh and Raleigh Pride will do together and what will continue all of Pride month has me beyond thrilled. Not only will we have a fun day full of music, entertainment, and friends, but we will take that energy into all of June, showing Raleigh the beauty and diversity of the LGBTQ+ community in new and exciting ways.

“I have been a participant at Out! Raleigh Pride for four years now, and each year is a time to be out, bold, and loud with all our chosen family. I hope to see you there!”

Pronouns: She/Her
Email: Shoshanna@lgbtCenterOfRaleigh.com

Nathaniel Bush

Nathaniel Bush
Festival Publicity and Hospitality

About Nathaniel...

As a native of Orlando, Nathaniel found his tribe there and made many memories. He relocated after the tragic Pulse Nightclub shooting, saying “I have learned the difficult task of coping with such a traumatic event. Through poetry, therapy, and yoga I have found a light within that I am obligated to share with others in my beloved LGBTQ community in my new home.”

He brings a lot of love and innovative ideas. As a published poet, a current hospitality professional, and a former Disney cast member, he is warm and welcoming, bringing a level of comfort and fun to every person he encounters.

Nathan says, “This event is the perfect way to usher in Pride month. Out Raleigh is partnering with Raleigh Pride to make a bigger and better event that has never been done before. Numerically, this is a monumental event because it is the 10th anniversary of the celebration. It just aligns … 10 years on 2020. The event is known for being family friendly so it the perfect opportunity to engage with loving individuals from the community in a safe, fun, and colorful environment. There’s literally no other place to be on August 9th if you are from the Triangle and surrounding areas.”

Pronouns: He/Him

Anna Lineback at Out Raleigh Pride

Anna Lineback
Center Board Liason

From Anna...

Anna tells us, “I’m constantly awed by the talented, passionate staff and volunteers who breathe life into the LGBT Center of Raleigh. Out! Raleigh Pride is a favorite event of mine. It offers a chance to advocate, celebrate, and contribute to the full spectrum of our LGBTQ+ communities. After all, we’re stronger than the wind on Fayetteville Street!

“I enjoy my ‘day job’ of working with students with special needs. My (volunteer) ‘gay job’ is my role on the Board of Directors of LGBT Center of Raleigh. When not working or volunteering, I love hiking, kayaking, and cheering on the Tarheels. On cold or rainy days, I do all things nerdy: playing board games, reading, doing crossword puzzles … and, let’s be honest, playing some classic Nintendo games.”

Pronouns: She/Her or They/Them
Email: ALineback@lgbtCenterOfRaleigh.com

Jessika Mejia

Jessika Mejia

From Jessika...

“In two-ish years I have established a solid group of friends who have cultivated a safe and loving environment. Something I desperately needed! It is because of these beautiful friends and the LGBT Center of Raleigh., Raleigh is the first place that I can confidently call ‘home.’ Raleigh is where I came out as a queer person, attended my first Pride, and felt the confidence to own my identity.

“Out! Raleigh means a great deal to me because it was the first time I experienced an overwhelming amount of love as a queer person when it felt like the rest of my world was falling apart. I hope that this year can provide that same sense of love and community for someone else in their time of need.”

Pronouns: She/Her
Email: bi@lgbtCenterOfRaleigh.com

Jim Manchester

Jim Manchester
Festival Publicity and Website

About Jim...

Jim was one of those people who helped Carson Farley and a mob of others hold down the Center’s tent in 2011's Out! Raleigh during the violent wind storm that blew through that day. He had just met the Center’s first Executive Director and had been recruited to help out with the Center’s website the evening before Out! Raleigh 2011. Jim has lead the Center’s Web Team ever since.

In 2012, the Center decided to ignore all the other extremely dedicated volunteers who do so much to keep the Center running every day (to whom Jim is eternally grateful) and awarded him the Volunteer of the Year 2012 recognition.

Jim runs a website development business that serves dozens of community businesses and organizations. As expected, he makes sure the Out! Raleigh Website is up to date.

Pronouns: He/Him
Email: WebTeam@lgbtCenterOfRaleigh.com

John Hull

John Hull
Website and Logistics

From John...

I’ve been helping to plan Out! Raleigh Pride for a number of years, and I keep coming back, because I truly believe in this event. This wonderful event brings together individuals with a huge amount of diversity, all coming together to celebrate the LGBT+ community and how far we have come.

This event is very important to me because I grew up in a very conservative community, and there weren’t resources for me to learn about being gay or places where I felt accepted and loved. Out! Raleigh Pride is a safe space to celebrate our diversity and to find resources. This event brings vendors that are LGBT+ and allies, as well as entertainment, food and plenty of people to meet and forge new relationships. Come join us for this year’s Out! Raleigh Pride and show everyone that you have #PrideIncluded!

Pronouns: He/Him/His

Still to come: Info about Roxanne Lundy, Trey Roberts, and Patrick Williams.